Holiday Date

Holiday Date

by Debbie Ioanna

4 out of 5

Relationships are tested in this highly anticipated sequel to 'Blind Date'. (Includes BONUS chapter)

Jenny is back in this romantic comedy, and this time she has her man. Life is wonderful as she switches her sex dreams for the real thing with her hunk, Zack. As well as feeling loved up, she must also console her recently-single best friend, Sarah. Those much-loved blind dates make a welcome return as Jenny gets the sweet taste for vengeance.

After a girly holiday to Rome, and a somewhat unexpected vegan experience, Zack whisks Jenny abroad for a romantic holiday of their own. However, jolly holidays aren’t on the menu when faced with a twenty-something stunner in the next villa.

Holidays take the centre stage for this sequel, where relationships are put to the test, at home and abroad.

Also includes a bonus chapter.

Jenny is supporting her best friend with a girly holiday.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Jenny's best friend Sarah was dumped by her cheating-scumbag-ex-fiance. To try and make her feel better, they take a girl's holiday to Rome.
Jenny knows that her own boyfriend is completely perfect in every way. This little sojourn apart seems to confirm that Zack is amazing, and that they should take the next step of living together and meeting each other's families.

I liked this little book. Ioanna has a flair for humour, and making something ordinary and mundane seem very sweet and interesting.
Jenny's life is not flamboyant, but she is a very likable main character. She's very realistic and I felt like she could be one of my mates.
It was really sweet watching her support her friend Sarah, as she finally finds her confidence again after being dumped for a newer model. And it was funny to see Jenny get her own back, insisting that Sarah had to try online dating, too!

This was a short, fun, holiday read!



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