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Dragon's Gift Double Review

Dragon's Gift Double Review I'm busy playing catch-up with my reviews at the moment, so I thought I would save some time (and assuage my lazy nature) by posting the reviews of the second and third part of Linsey Hall's Dragon Gift series. So, let's crack on! Mirror Mage (Dragon's Gift: The Huntress #2) by Linsey Hall 5 out of 5 Synopsis Cass Clereaux likes her job. It’s simple—steal the magic, don’t get killed. FireSouls like her are perfect for magic treasure hunting. Their dragon soul helps them find treasure, their wicked powers help them steal it. But there’s a big freaking downside—FireSouls are hunted. If either of the magical governments figures out what she is, she can kiss her life goodbye.

Witch's Cursed Cabin

Witch's Cursed Cabin by Marsha A. Moore 4 out of 5 Synopsis Eager to be on her own away from home, twenty-year-old Aggie Anders accepts a relative’s invitation to live in Coon Hollow Coven. Although she’s a witch from a different coven, what locals say about the Hollow confuses her. How can witchcraft there live and breathe through souls of the dead? Aggie’s new residence in this strange southern Indiana world is a deserted homestead cabin. The property’s carriage house serves as the coven’s haunted Halloween fundraiser. It’s a great opportunity for her to make new friends, especially with the coven’s sexy new High Priest Logan. But living in the homestead also brings Aggie enemies. Outsiders aren’t welcome. A cantankerous, old neighbor tries to frighten her off by warning her that the homestead is cursed. Local witches who practice black magic attempt to use their evil to drive Aggie away and rid their coven of her unusual powers as a sun witch. Determined to stay and

A Fine Line: The Beginning

A Fine Line: The Beginning by J.C. Brennan 4 out of 5 Synopsis Take a winding, mystical journey with William Thomas Healthaway II, a Union Solider, as he tries to make it through the battle at Pickett's Mill alive. The battle was brutal and treacherous. But William and the friends he picks up along the way; would soon find out that the war was less complicated and demanding in comparison to what they were about to experience just by being themselves. The "Crew" come together to face the biggest mystery of their lives; who they really are and their history. The line between coincidence and fate is tested in this entrancing tale of the supernatural and unknown.


Thorn by Joshua Ingle 2 out of 5 Synopsis For decades, Thorn has reigned as the most powerful demon in Atlanta, lurking in the spirit realm, whispering lies to unsuspecting human ears, commanding all other demons to do his bidding. But when Marcus, an old demonic rival, returns from exile to attack Thorn unexpectedly, Thorn finds his power ripped from his grasp. Wounded, desperate, and abandoned by his allies, Thorn is forced to ask himself questions—forbidden questions about demonkind’s place in the universe. Questions that threaten to undermine everything Thorn and his fellow demons have believed for millennia. With enemies closing in from all sides, Thorn grows ever more desperate for a way to escape his vicious life and to keep the people he loves safe in the process. But Thorn is a vile, wicked demon who has committed unspeakably evil acts. He could never truly love someone. He could never become good. Could he?

Reviews Don't Matter

Reviews Don't Matter Hello lovely readers. I know this is a blog about book reviews so... I guess technically this still fits in. Earlier today I was busy editing my next book - which translates into skimming through Facebook, Twitter, and my thoughts going in every direction other than what it is supposed to.