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Summer Solstice: Enchanted

Summer Solstice: Enchanted by K.K. Allen 4 out of 5 Synopsis The Summer Solstice Enchanted is the first in the Summer Solstice Series – a lighthearted Young Adult Fantasy set in Apollo Beach, Florida. Katrina "Kat" Summer has been sheltered and void of much social interaction her entire life. But her world changes drastically when her mother dies unexpectedly and she is forced move in with her grandmother and caretaker. In the picturesque town of Apollo Beach, which dwells on Florida’s West Coast, is where Kat’s world takes on enchanting new beginnings. Her grandmother, Rose, a whimsical old lady with wild tales of the Ancient Greek gods and goddesses from which their family descends, encourages Kat to understand their heritage. But the more Kat learns the more she realizes how many secrets her mother kept from her growing up. Leading up to her 16th birthday, Kat is occupied with enigmatic visions and disturbing dreams with prophecies much too real to ignore. A


Beasthood by A.Z. Green 5 out of 5 Synopsis The bloody, raw meat was tantalizing her; calling to her. She hated it and yearned for it all at once. Stop, she ordered. What are you doing?! So hungryyyyy, snarled a primal voice deep within her. Don’t you dare! she screamed back. But the primal hunger ignored her pleas and took over her body, forcing her rational voice deep within the crevices of her mind. What would you do if you discovered you weren't human? That you turned into a bloodthirsty monster against your will? What if your instincts, emotions and desires were torn between your own and the dark, dangerous animal lurking inside of you? If it could make you yearn for someone you shouldn't, make you say and act in ways you wouldn't and overwhelm your whole existence? If everything you'd ever known about your life was a lie? In a world where a deeply hidden community is swathed in mystery, deadly secrets, betrayal and murder, Jaz Barker struggles to

The Silver Ninja: Indoctrination

The Silver Ninja: Indoctrination by Wilmar Luna 5 out of 5 Synopsis After saving New York City from a terrorist uprising, Cindy Ames vows to put away the nanosuit that turns her into the Silver Ninja for good. But when a CIA agent uncovers her identity and allies with a pharmaceutical company to take her down. Cindy must team up with her sister, Jadie, and her husband, Jonas, to outrun the government and thwart a plot to turn average citizens into mind-controlled soldiers. Review The Silver Ninja is back for the second instalment. Cindy had plenty to worry about - a husband that ignores her, and a sister fighting her own demons.  Oh yes, and she's being chased by the CIA and has to hide her identity as the Silver Ninja. Yes, come on! you have no idea how excited I've been about reading this.  And why shouldn't I be? The first book was one big adventure; lots of promise, but plenty of room for improvement. (See review of The Silver Ninja ) My major proble

Rogue Hunter: Inquest

Rogue Hunter: Inquest Kevis Hendrickson 2 out of 5 Synopsis Fearing retribution from ruthless gangsters over an unsettled debt, intergalactic bounty hunter Zyra Zanr ventures to a distant world to collect the reward for Boris Skringler, a notorious terrorist, who has been sentenced to death by political rivals of the InterGalactic Alliance. When she fails to secure his release, she decides to break him out of prison. Zyra soon finds herself an unwilling participant in events that lead to a climactic showdown between the most powerful worlds in the galaxy. Torn between her desperation to rid herself of the threats to her life and her guilt in agitating the conflict between two galactic superpowers, Zyra is horrified to learn that the lives of an entire world of people hinge on her ability to return Skringler to his captors. However, her distrust of Skringler gives way to lust, unraveling her plans. Will Zyra give into her passion and allow Skringler to go free? Or will she surr