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Cover Reveal: A Bond of Swords and Sacrifice

Title: A Bond of Swords and Sacrifice (Book Four: The Goddess and the Guardians series) Author : Karen Tomlinson Website : Release Date: 15th December 2018 AMAZON Universal preorder link: Blurb: Sometimes winning means losing EVERYTHING. Reeling from their encounter with the God of Chaos, Diamond and Eryanth Arjuno, the true heirs of the Avalonian crown, strive to rekindle their broken bonds and heal their shattered hearts. But the machinations of war are never simple. Challenges must be faced and threat hovers ever closer as painful truths are revealed and blood ties are uncovered. No longer an innocent village girl but a fierce and powerful queen, Diamond will fight for those she loves. She will wage war for her people and battle for the survival of every soul in the Eight Kingdoms. But she soon discovers destiny will exact a high price. If she cannot accept the cost to her heart and soul, the Eight Kingdo

Dead Until Dark

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris 4 out of 5 Synopsis Sookie Stackhouse is a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana. She's quiet, keeps to herself, and doesn't get out much. Not because she's not pretty. She is. It's just that, well, Sookie has this sort of "disability." She can read minds. And that doesn't make her too dateable. And then along comes Bill. He's tall, dark, handsome--and Sookie can't hear a word he's thinking. He's exactly the type of guy she's been waiting for all her life.... But Bill has a disability of his own: He's a vampire with a bad reputation. He hangs with a seriously creepy crowd, all suspected of--big surprise--murder. And when one of Sookie's coworkers is killed, she fears she's next....


Cameraman by Joshua Sutton 3.5 out of 5 Synopsis Death is always an inconvenience, and it never comes when you expect it. Enter Dylan Delgado, mass murderer, pyschopath, magician and the last person you'd expect to be called upon when the police need help. When a man becomes a splatter on the wall of safe room, can Dylan figure out whats going on and the connection to his past, before his past catches up with him?