Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash

So it's the 9th of March 2016, which can only mean one thing: it's my 31st birthday!
Which, if I'm honest is slightly anti-climatic after the big Three-Oh last year.

I always like to do something fun for my birthday, last year I decided I wanted to do something grown-up and sophisticated to celebrate turning 30, so I had a tea party (with alcohol) and a pony gymkhana (with more alcohol).
For the non-horsey people, a gymkhana is basically relay races on horseback which, if involving adults and/or professional horsey-people, usually becomes a mass of competitiveness and cheating.


This year, I thought that I'd offer a bit of fun and games for my online friends and blog followers.  So sit tight, and get ready for posts from authors; giveaways and games.
Make sure you check out the other posts, and remember that this post is the Captain of the Chaos and will be updated with links and prizes throughout the day, so you can always come back here for a handy index.

4am: Main post, already here. Check out the book sale below!

8am: Guest Author - Joe Compton

9am: The Lost Soul character quiz ~win a signed copy~

10am: Witch-Hunter character quiz ~win a signed copy~

11am: Guest Author - Wilmar Luna

12midday: The Lost Soul - easy quiz ~win a signed copy~
                  The Lost Soul - hard quiz ~win a signed copy~

1pm: Guest Author - Karina Kantas

2pm: The Shadow Rises - easy quiz ~win a signed copy~
         Witch-Hunter trilogy - hard quiz ~win a signed copy~

3pm: Guest Author - Matthew R. Bell

5pm: Guest Author - A.L. Mengel

All books are £0.99 or less until Sunday 13th!

The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter #1) - FREE
Witches are real, and to be blunt, they’re all black-hearted, and evil. These are not wiccans; witches are a different breed that use magic with devastating effect.
Charged with stopping the witches, taking whatever measures necessary, there are witch-hunters, all reporting to the Malleus Maleficarum Council (MMC). For hundreds of years witches have been persecuted and when the powerful Shadow Witch rises again, they have their opportunity for revenge.
The best the MMC has to offer, the talented seventh-generation witch-hunting Hunter Astley has his own part to play. In his own way.
Amazon UK
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The Shadow Reigns (Witch-Hunter #2) - normally £2.99, now £0.99
The world has been thrown into darkness by the Shadow Witch's revolution. The witch-hunters are scattered, but still strong. The race is now on to gather allies and win the war.
New enemies will arise; loyalties will be pushed to the limit. And an important question will be answered: can a witch-hunter that practices magic ever be trusted, or will he be persecuted?
It is said that 'love conquers all', but this twisted love must stay secret, locked away with the past.
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The Shadow Falls (Witch-Hunter #3) - normally £2.99, now £0.99
Hunter Astley has always known that he is different: being a witch-hunter that can use magic has sealed his fate.
He must destroy the Shadow Witch once and for all, with the help of some unlikely allies.

We delve even deeper into the world of the Malleus Maleficarum; into myth, rumour and history that refuses to stay in the past.
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The Lost Soul: Book 1 of Enchena - normally £3.50, now £0.99
Enchena's history s written by the victorious.  Through war and betrayal, King Hrafn's reign has spread across the land.  The rebellion is stirring again...

In a world where the evil nature of humans has infected the very forests and animals surrounding them, they are crying out for a new hope; a new hero.
Natural enemies must come together to overcome the curse.

Two innocent people must be brought from another world.  One will being the rebellion the way to succeed; the other will be their destruction.
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  1. Got my copy of The Shadow Rises - looking forward to it! Hope you're having a super day! :)

    1. Fantastic, thanks Sarah! Just been spoilt to a lovely meal.

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