Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Guest Author - Karina Kantas

Guest Author - Karina Kantas

Karina Kantas has been kind enough to put a few questions to her friends Thya and Alkazar, who star in her book Illusional Reality.

Thank you for joining me today.

1) If you could have one wish, what would it be?
T: "Myself and Alkazar would retain happiness for eternity."  *she smiles but when her smile is not returned she bows her head.*
A: "Thya"  *he smiles sadly* "Alas this can not be." *Thya takes his hand and squeezes it.*

2) Is there a single person that you couldn't live without; or wish would disappear forever?
T: "Alkazar." *tears in her eyes*
A: "Again, Thya. It matter not how much I desire this, it will not come to pass."
"Nay I beg of you do not lose hope, Alkazar. The oracles wrote..."
* he turns to face her* "My dearest, Thya, the prophecy matters not. How is this to come to pass with the situation as it is? You will accept it?"
"Nay I will not!" *Thya fold her arms in a suborn stance*
"Continue please."

3) What is your favourite Tsinian birthday tradition?
T: "The Tsinians do not have birthdays. Alkazar can explain this better than I."
A: We Tsinians are babies, save but a day. The second day we turn that to what you would call teenagers. We become at the age for learning the arts."
"You will not sight babies in Tsinina." Thya says. "There are no children."

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