Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Guest Author - Joe Compton

Guest Author - Joe Compton

GoIndieNow is kicking off tomorrow on Facebook, and we're lucky enough to get a sneak peak from Joe Compton, who is compering the shindig.

  We are a collection of artists from many disciplines and many of us dabble in multiple disciplines. Above all though we are just artists who do our own thing and who love talking about our art, how we do it, and giving the world alternatives to the over saturated, over hyped, and force fed nonsense that has been deemed worthy of the word art.

 We are here trying to showcase the independent spirit of all artforms. We  will do so anyway that we can: blogs, podcasts, calendars, twitter feeds, and Facebook parties.

 All of that will come in time, so you definitely want to keep coming back here as we the plan builds with time.

 For now we are starting out with our signature show, GOINDIENOW. It is a monthly web series that will talk to Indie artists and showcase Indies from around the world.


Joe Compton
Author of Amongst The Killing
President of Never Mind The Fine Print Publishing LLC
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