Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Guest Author - Matthew R. Bell

Guest Author - Matthew R. Bell

First off: Happy Birthday, Kelly! And thank you for asking me to take part (part of me is also thankful I remembered, I have a brain like a sieve). For those checking out Kelly's blog, I am Matthew R. Bell, writer-in-training and book blogger extraordinaire (the extraordinaire might be pushing it a little). I won't swamp you with links, but I will leave one:, the link to my blog and all relevant links to my works if you're interested.


1) What is your typical birthday like?  Are you a big party, or pizza and close friends person?

Definitely pizza and close friends. I just love the intimacy and the comfort. Well, that and big groups of people tend to freak me out... Normally I'd just spend the day with family and friends, and shamelessly use my birthday to spend their money on books.

2) What has been your favourite birthday so far?

I must have been around five... I think. And it was around that time that I got the first Tomb Raider game. God, I might not remember the specific details but I absolutely remember the feeling. Lara Croft is my #1 in gaming; and for awhile in my innocent years, she was who I wanted to grow up to be, haha.

3) What has been your favourite present?

I don't know if anyone knows or even remembers this place, it's been gone for so long, but my favourite present was when my Mum and Dad took me to this massive amusement place called Charlie Chalks (forgive me if that's spelled wrong, it was a long time ago). It was one of those places that as a kid you pester your parents to take you, and I was lucky enough to be taken.

4) What is the worst gift you've ever received?

A collection of books from a friend who watched me buy said collection of books a week before. The look on her face as she remembered was priceless and we had a great laugh over it.

5) Are you any good at getting other people presents?

No, I'm a terrible gift-getter. Even with my family and close friends, who I'm supposed to know, I get into a right state when it comes to their birthdays. I usually stick with the classics: Clothes, perfume or aftershave sets etc. That or I just hand them money.

6) What would Lucas Bishop's (main charrie from Fear of God) perfect present be?

World peace and the end to genetic experimentation, probably.

7) Which character - that you have created - would sing Happy Birthday the loudest?

Chris, definitely, give him a couple bears and he's that member of your family who thinks you're better than the creation of sliced bread.

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  1. Haha, bears... I really meant beers, but the mental image I just had is awesome. Thanks, Kelly, Happy Birthday!