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Blog Tour: Wild Whispers

Romance/ Paranormal & Mystical
Date Published: December 12, 2017
Publisher: Melange Books

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Set against the exciting backdrop in the chase for the Triple Crown and filled with mystical surprises. Season is not a witch, but she can make a horse run and Ty’s heart race.

Season Moriarty is part fey and part druid. She can see the future and alter it. She welds control over the natural elements of earth, wind, fire and water as well as manipulating life and death. And she is an accomplished racehorse trainer, able to get any horse to run like the wind. Now Season has landed the dream job that will test all of her skills and abilities.

Ty Masters runs his horse racing business with an iron fist. No one dares to question him. He hires Season based on her reputation. Then they meet. Immediately, she questions him, challenges him, infuriates him, intrigues him, captivates him, and even intimidates him a little. Then she spellbinds him. But can she make a Triple Crown winner out of his willful colt?

Mysterious threats to Ty’s racehorses bring him and Season together in another kind of race against the clock. As the stakes for the Triple Crown rise and the identity of who wants to destroy Ty, so does the undeniable interest and the fiery sparks between them.

About the Author

Ryan Jo Summers writes mashed romances. Sweet love stories that include any combination of contemporary theme: Christian, humor, mystery, paranormal, shape shifting, suspense, or time travel. She writes non-fiction pieces for various magazines. In addition to a full time job, and a full time writing career, she also has a pet sitting business. She comes from a family of wordsmiths, with members who have been song writers and poets.

In her limited free time, she likes to read, escape to the wilderness and rivers, visit with friends and family, or just hang with her pets. She enjoys chess, crafts, painting, poetry, and word find puzzles. She lives in a century-old mountain cottage in North Carolina with a menagerie of rescued animals and way too many house plants.

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Arriving at the festival grounds, they parked and she climbed out as soon as she could, eager to escape Ty's broody silence. Heading off to find herself somewhere else, anywhere else, she was pulled up short by Ty's hand circling her arm.
 “Let me go,” she demanded sharply.
 “Are you going to come watch the main event?”
 Jerking her arm free, she stepped back. “Watch you try to kill yourself, you mean?” She glared at him. “After everything I told you about my cousin, even after I took you back to witness it, I can’t believe you could even ask me such a question, Ty Masters.”
 “Then why did you come along today?”
 “As a favor to Moose.” She folded her arms across her chest again, noticing Moose had disappeared. Either he was very wise or a big coward.
 Ty blew out a breath, regarding her. “Look. We have some time before ... Well, can we go somewhere to talk.”
 “Now you want to talk?” She laughed in his face. “That's good. You pick now to want a chat.”
 “Why not now?”
 “Why not on the plane back from the Preakness? Why not the first night back home? Why not the last two weeks when I tried time and time again to get you to see reason. Why wait until now?”
 He pulled off his hat, raked a hand through his hair and plopped the hat back on. “Season, there is something important I want to share with you.”
 She never blinked. “Then tell me now so I can leave.”
 He looked around the festival grounds, at the lights and rides and arena in the distance. “There,” he pointed. “We can go there.”
 “The Ferris Wheel?” she asked, following his pointing finger. “Why do you want to go there?”
 “You’ll see.” He tugged her arm, leaving her no choice but to follow.
 Wordlessly, she stood by as he paid for two tickets, then took a seat on the lowest car. The attendant secured the bar and soon they were lifting slowly into the sky.
 “Not quite the same as levitating, but it’s the best I can manage,” Ty said with a smile as they came to the half way point.
 She felt an involuntary grin pulling at her lips as the memory resurfaced. “If you wanted to levitate again, all you had to do was say something. It would have spared you the cost of the tickets.”
 He shook his head. “It isn’t the tickets I’m worried about, sweet Season. I wanted to do this to have you all to myself for a little bit.”
 “Why? Right now, I’m not very happy with you.”
 “I noticed that.”
 “And it's a long way down.”
 “I noticed that too.”
 The Ferris wheel car reached the top and halted, leaving them swaying slightly.
 “Fine. You have me trapped up here, all to yourself, with roughly an hour before you go try to kill yourself. So what's on your mind?”
 He smiled at her sarcasm and sass, then he chuckled. “Ah, Season, you are seasoned all right. The kind that could burn a man's mouth and keep burning all the way down his throat.”
 She snorted, looking away out over the festival grounds.
Pulling one hand away from where she held them clenched on her lap, he swiveled the best he could to face her. “Season, I brought you up here to say I love you.”
Her jaw dropped. The words she’d been waiting to hear for so long and he finally says them—here? And now? Really?
 “I can’t believe you just said that.”

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