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Harlow Whittaker & The End of Days

Harlow Whittaker & The End of Days

by Valerie Day-Sanchez

4 out of 5

After the identity of her opponent is revealed Harlow also discovers that she has been the victim of a conspiracy that was orchestrated by the Soothsayers Council. Feelings of betrayal run rampant as Hendrix learns that she was the only one of Harlow’s three appointed protectors that was unaware of the council’s rouse. As this all comes to a head Harlow is transported back to her father. Leaving the last remaining Archers, where for the first time find themselves divided. The worlds are continuing to deteriorate and their only hope has now joined the very person that is determined to annihilate the worlds. The Soothsayer’s Council now destroyed leaves the Archers free to choose their own fate. What will that fate be?

Since accepting her role as the first human soothsayer, Harlow has seen worlds and wonders, death and betrayal.  The threads of fate are finally about to come together, as Harlow tries to discover whether she is supposed to destroy the worlds, or save them.

I've been looking forward to the final part of the trilogy for ages.  I really enjoyed Harlow's story, The Apprentice in particular; especially with all the twists and surprises that kept me guessing throughout.

The End of Days is harder for me to review.  The author kindly offered me an unedited version, so I'm going to skim over all the errors that I'm sure are being tackled.

I really liked how it started, in the thick of Harlow betraying the Archers, and how she beheads one of her foes without a second thought.  So from the very start you're questioning what you thought you knew about Harlow, and how strong an influence family can be.

Then it all seems to go crazy.
In the previous two books, you get to see from Harlow and Larken's point of views, which works better in some places than others.  I was a little overwhelmed by how it jumped from from one group to another, to one person to another.  There's an early fight scene with Ezequiel and Maxia; but then it cuts to Honduras and Aquilar mid-sentence.

There's was also a lot of strife and inner-monologuing on who should I trust/distrust, from each and every character.  To be honest, I skimmed those bits.
It all gets smoother after half-way, when the characters and their actions are much more confident and the story really picks up.
I love the creativity of the whole series, and this one does not disappoint.  It might not have the twists and betrayals of the first two; but it definitely creates worlds and races that catch your attention every time.

One final point, take it as you will - I don't know why anyone listened to Maxia, she is clearly a conniving and deluded person.  I wouldn't go near her with a ten-foot barge pole!

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