Saturday, 15 August 2015

Awethors Awareness Day

#Awethors Awareness Day

Welcome guys!  Those of you that have visited my social media may have noticed that a pretty little #Awethors logo is dominating your screen.  Why?  Well, today is #Awethors Awareness Day - in fact we're taking over the whole weekend.

Now the #Awethors might sound familiar to those of you that frequent this blog - they were the group that did a twelve-hour takeover back in April this year, with a bunch of fun blog posts (check them out if you have time).
The #Awethors are a group of indie authors, editors, publishers and all-sorts of interesting people.  Most of us came together through #IndieBooksBeSeen and still hugely support that movement (check it out, there's currently an #IndieClue and all kinds of fun stuff going on).

Anyways, one of the exciting projects in the works is an #Awethors Anthology - short stories and projects galore from our group of authors.  Best of all - these will be FREE to download!
And for any Witch-Hunter fans, the anthology will feature a certain sequel featuring Kristen Davies.

In the meantime, why don't you check out some of the #Awethors that have appeared on The Northern Witch, and their lovely books!

Aalto, A.J.:  Touched (Marnie Baranuik #1)  

Bunker, T.A.:  Witch in the Woods 

Cain, D.M.: The Phoenix Project 

Dawn, C.K.:  A Neophyte's Tale (Netherwalker #0.5) 
                      Cloak of Shadows (Netherwalker #1) 

Desalls, Chess: Travel Glasses (The Call to Search Everywhen #1) 

Guy, Ryan:  Atomic Aardvark 

Hall, Kelly:  The Legend of the Light Keeper  

Nielsen, D.B.:  Seed (Keepers of Genesis #1)  

O'Russell, Megan: The Tethering (The Tethering #1) 

                              The Siren's Realm (The Tethering #2) 

Schneider, C.L.: The Crown of Stones: Magic Price 

Shanklin, Miranda:  Soul Journey (Soul Series #1)  

Starkey, L.A.:  Deceived (Soul Keeper #1) 
                         Destroyed (Soul Keeper #2) 
                         Descent (Soul Keeper #3) 

Thomas, Kate:  The Light (Equilibrium #2) 

Wren, Jessica:  Ice 

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