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Dragon Mystic

Dragon Mystic

by Jaymin Eve

4 out of 5

Book two in the bestselling New Adult series. #1 in Paranormal Romance and #1 in Sword and Sorcery Fantasy.

When the formidable power of Jessa Lebron's mark was unleashed, during her impulsive foray into Vanguard, the American supernatural prison, she learned the truth. She's a dual shifter: wolf, and as an added bonus, dragon - of the fluffy persuasion. Yep, she's one special cupcake.

Now, pursued by the Four, powerful hunters of the dragon marked, she has no choice but to run. At least she has her impossibly gorgeous and infuriating best friends by her side, the Compass quads. Not only are they powerful and hella useful in a fight, but most of the time they're also semi-entertaining too.

With only one month left until the supposed resurrection of the dragon king, this pack will find out soon enough what happens in the world of the dragon mystics.

(Recommended 17+ due to use of language and sexual situations. These supernaturals like to curse, please be aware before purchasing).

Jessa, her newly discovered sister Mischa, and her four gorgeous best friends, are all on their way to Romania.  They have to escape the powerful dragon-hunters, and they have to learn more about the mysterious dragon-marked.

This kicks off where Dragon Marked left us (clickee here for my review).  Jessa is on the run from the dragon-hunters - the original quads, who are very old, and very powerful.  In tow, she has pack and her sister, none of which would leave her side, even if there was a choice.

The world that Eve has created just keeps getting bigger, and more complex, building on what you know from the first book in the series.  There's the history of the dragon-marked, and the introduction of the dying fae realm.
There's also the developing relationships.  Mainly between Jessa and Braxton, as she finally stops fighting the fact that she wants to be with him.  But also her sister Mischa, finding her place in the group dynamics; and Max's mate - I did not see that one coming!

I also like how there's a symmetry between the old quads and dragon-twins, and the new.  There are surprising new power reveals for all our main characters, as they embrace their birthright, whilst still fighting the roles that people are trying to pin on them.

So why only the four stars, when Dragon Marked got the full five?
Dragon Mystics is a good book by any standard, but it just didn't captivate me as much as the first.

On a small note, I felt that it wasn't as smooth relaying some information.  I don't know whether Eve changed track between writing book 1 and 2, but there were parts were there was a rush to explain something, and you obviously know it's gonna play a part.  Like introducing Sirens; the two-mate story from the guys' mother.  There are things that Jessa doesn't know, or the brothers have been withholding from her; which clashes with... well let's just say, Jessa doesn't strike me as the type of girl to not know stuff, and she's not afraid of kicking the arse of anyone who keeps a secret from her.

The second thing that annoyed me was how obsessed Jessa was with Braxton.
And I know, some of you are going to be shouting at me that this is a Paranormal Romance, and that Jessa and Braxton are trying to come to terms with the sudden rush of many feelings and physical needs.
Every reader has a different romance level, and while some will be going boz-eyed with pleasure, most of you won't be surprised that I don't have a romantic bone in my body.  Dragon Marked just worked - it perfectly balanced the adventure and sexiness.
In Dragon Mystics, there are solid chunks where the adventure is put on a back burner, so Jessa can concentrate of the important task of jumping Braxton's bones (and everything else anatomical).

Anyway, it is still a very good series, and I'm definitely continuing with it!

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