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Dragon Marked

Dragon Marked

by Jaymin Eve

5 out of 5

Book 1 in Upper YA/NA Paranormal Romance Trilogy.
There are supernatural prisons hidden across the globe. Contained within these fortresses are some of the deadliest criminals from the five supernatural races: vampire, shifter, fey, magic users and demi-fey.

Jessa Lebron, twenty-two, has spent her entire life in Stratford, Connecticut, one of the gateway towns adjoining these prisons which protect the fortified borders. She’s a wolf shifter, and her father leads the town council. She learns that much of her life has been hidden from her, secrets which threaten to tear apart the very fabric of her world. Especially the biggest secret of them all.

She is dragon marked.

Jessa only knows what she’s been told about the dragon marked, that they are dangerous and must be eliminated to prevent the rise of the dragon king, the powerful warmonger who had his head removed a thousand years ago. So now Jessa's on the biggest hit list of all. Dragon mark hunters are lethal and her only hope to evade detection is to keep the energy contained.

As more secrets unfold she finds herself locked up in Vanguard, the notorious American supernatural prison. Thankfully she’s not alone. Braxton, the dragon-shifter has her back. Together they must survive long enough to free themselves and the other dragon marked.

Because it’s time for the dragon marked to rise.

Jessa Lebron is a wolf shifter in a supernatural community.  Murders are happening in the town - are they trying to frame her alpha father; her best friends; or are they trying to get her out of the picture.

This was so much fun!
It's a completely different world, the five supernatural species living (somewhat) harmoniously together, away from humans.  I completely got caught up in it!

Jessa's dad is an important council member; and as the strongest of their respective species, her four best-friends, are training for their stint as council leaders.
Jessa is not to be messed with.  She is simply one of the guys, and you do not want to get in her way - especially if there's food at stake.
Jessa is content with her odd little pack - the four brothers are family for her, she would die for them, and vice versa.  Together they go through training, and in their spare time they try to find the hidden supernatural prison that borders their town.

But Jessa discovers that there was a reason her mother deserted her, and her father has been withholding information for the past twenty years.

Cue lessons on the history of supernaturals!  I loved the mythology Eve has created - the Dragon King, and the fear and paranoia left behind.

The Compass brothers were great, they are so loyal to each other, and devoted to Jessa, no matter how much they give her a hard time!  It's interesting to see their different skills, and how people treat them, knowing that it would be very dangerous to upset them.
I will say, I wanted to bang Braxton and Jessa's heads together - screw the friendship code - literally!

So an exciting and entertaining little book, I'm off to buy the second in the trilogy!

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