Fire, Fury, Faith

Fire, Fury, Faith

by N.D. Jones

3 out of 5

An African American Paranormal Romance by USA Today Bestselling Author N.D. Jones

Having lost his home, daughters, and life by forces beyond his control, Issa, a Guardian Angel, has yet to come to terms with this “failure.” So when a rogue demon attacks and almost kills his wife, Serwa, Issa's faith falters and his fury rises.

Serwa knows the pain of loss and the burn of fire. She is a Healer Angel. And the person she wants most to heal is Issa, her husband and soul mate. But what is a woman to do when a husband's guilt and fury challenge the very foundation of their marriage?

Warning: Mature Sexual Content and Language

Serwa and Issa were strong as humans, but centuries as being angels, they still have weaknesses.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Serwa and Issa's love was once strong enough to unite warring clans. Now as angels, will it be enough to heal their bodies and minds, after they are attacked by a demon.

This short story is a well-written and in-depth look at the main characters.
Serwa and Issa may be angels, but they still feel pain and anger.
After the demon attack, old wounds are re-opened. Too stubborn and conflicted to use angelic magic to fix themselves, Issa and Serwa have to have faith in their mate-bond, that their love will be strong enough to heal the creeping darkness.

The not-so-good.
For a short story, this is a slow book that took a while to get into.
This is the first book I've read by this author and from the reviews and descriptions, I think I was expecting more than a character piece that focussed on the faith and love between the two characters.
There is stuff that's mentioned. We're told that slavers attacked their clans and killed their family. We're told there are demons, and there have been explosions throughout the country. We're told that Serwa was tortured by a demon. We're told that Issa goes undercover in a shady anti-angel group. We're told that Serwa gets to meet Barack Obama!
This is all fantastically juicy stuff. But as a reader we don't get to witness any of it. It's skimmed over, focussing instead on Sewra and Issa's thoughts and feelings after the event.
I just felt that there was so much missed opportunity.

Overall, it was well-written, but it missed the mark for me.


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