Wednesday, 4 April 2018



by Jenny Morton Potts

2 out of 5

A gripping psychological thriller with chilling twists, from a unique new voice.

Keller Baye and Rebecca Brown live on different sides of the Atlantic. Until she falls in love with him, Rebecca knows nothing of Keller. But he’s known about her for a very long time, and now he wants to destroy her.

This is the story of two families. One living under the threat of execution in North Carolina. The other caught up in a dark mystery in the Scottish Highlands. The families’ paths are destined to cross. But why? And can anything save them when that happens?

Rebecca knows her family has secrets, after the death of her parents she is raised in the dilapidated Scottish estate of her grandparents.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

I was really intrigued by the synopsis, but unfortunately, the above plot happened so late in the book, I felt a little cheated.
The story was really hard to get into, as it jumped all over the place. It starts with Rebecca as a ten-year-old girl, arguing why she should be treated like a grown-up, around her rather odious grandmother. You then have Keller as a twenty-something, going to watch his murderer dad get executed by the state. It then skips about each characters' timeline - oh, and Keller's dad's story too. It felt like the writer was sharing whatever occurred to them at the time - and oh, I should mention X,Y... and A.
I didn't gel with the narrative style, so it made it really hard to stay invested.

The book felt like it was building a lot of groundwork and background stories. Sure, this information has a part to play; but during the building stages it just felt so disconnected. As the timelines jumped, it was hard to connect with any character, or recognise any plot threads.

This story wasn't for me, but most of it is personal taste, so check it out for yourself.


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