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Meet the Characters

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Scroll down and meet some of the main characters in my new release: James: Witch-Hunter.


Well obviously we have to meet him, this is his story.
After being the side-kick and best friend of witch-hunting Hunter Astley, in the Witch-Hunter trilogy; it was only fair to give James the spotlight and reveal how he stumbled into the world of witches and witch-hunters.

James is your not-so-average Yorkshire lad. Born and raised in Doncaster, he hasn't had the easiest life. Why, you ask... you'll have to read the book and find out.
For the past few years he has been working at making the most of his life, and turning things around. He has followed his passion for rugby, and played in Doncaster Knights' youth club, becoming quite the pro.
After he aced his A-Levels, he was offered a scholarship to Oxford University. James then spent a year working, to save enough money to pay the rest of his way.

Despite his hardships and determination, James has never lost his sense of humour. He figures when that goes, he might as well quit.
James doesn't always know when to shut up and, even if he is aware that his comments might cause trouble, it won't stop him saying what he wants to say.


Hunter Astley comes from a family of witch-hunters, and it is expected that he will follow in his father's and grandfather's footsteps. He is what is known as a 7th generation witch-hunter - something previously unheard of, and the Council are desperate to get their claws in him.
Hunter has a major superiority complex about his inborn abilities, and often lets it put distance between himself and others.

Despite the fact that he can be perfectly nice and charming (especially to the opposite sex), Hunter spends a lot of time being moody and detached (or as James would put it - he has a stick up his arse).

Hunter came to university as a way to escape his destiny for a few years, and carry on living a  relatively care-free life. He doesn't have any grand ambitions, or desire to even learn.


Charlotte Summers is in her second year of Law at Oxford University.
She has a comfortable, almost privileged middle-class background; but she is very down-to-earth.
She is a driven young woman, who knows what she wants, and how to achieve it. Charlotte approaches every aspect of her life logically, and with an open mind. Every success she has, she makes sure to pass on to others less fortunate than herself. In summer she works for projects that combat homelessness, and she is very committed to supporting others.

Charlotte is also warm, and kind. She quickly steps into the role of being James' big sister, and she is the one he always turns to.

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