Sunday, 1 October 2017

Book Release: James: Witch-Hunter

Hello lovely people.
I don't know whether you've noticed, but it is RELEASE DAY for James: Witch-Hunter!!!

Yes, I'm over-excited. And yes, I've had about three coffees this morning. But I am absolutely thrilled to be able to finally share this book with you guys!

It has been a long process, I've been working on it in the background of other projects ever since The Shadow Falls ended the Witch-Hunter trilogy in 2014.

James is one of my favourite characters across all my series. He's a Donny lad (translation, comes from Doncaster, Yorkshire), and I feel a strong connection with him.
As such, I didn't want to rush his story, as he deserved something as awesome as him.

So, drum roll please.....

James: Witch-Hunter

~Prequel to the Witch-Hunter trilogy~

James Bennett is a Yorkshire lad, making the big move to Oxford to start university.
His ambitions involve getting a good education; impressing the Rugby Club; and not throttling his roommate. All perfectly normal drama, until Hallowe'en.

A girl's murder throws James into the dangerous world of witches, and those that hunt them.

After playing a sidekick in the Witch-Hunter trilogy, it's only fair that James gets to be centre stage in his own prequel.
This can be read as a stand-alone, and does not contain any spoilers. It may contain witches, bad jokes and cringe-worthy scenes; but definitely no spoilers.

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