Thursday, 17 August 2017

I Love Reviews

It should come as absolutely no surprise that I love reviews.
I love to write them (as evidenced by this blog); and I love to read them.

Some people spend hours surfing Youtube; I could spend that same time, trawling through reviews on Goodreads. I find it fascinating when people get passionate about something they've read.
That an author they've never met can elicit emotions, and a response, is awesome. Regardless of whether it is positive, negative, or neutral; it can be really fun to read.

I follow a bunch of reviewers on Goodreads, and I guess reading their funny/emotive/explicit/whiny/loving... reviews... it's my version of flicking through a magazine and reading the articles. Just more book-orientated.

I love reviews for my own books, too, of course.
How couldn't I?
People are talking about my books! It's almost proof that they are real, and they exist outside of my head (you really don't want to see the inside of my head, it's a complete character takeover. Just anarchy.).

I have been published since 2013, and have six books (and counting), so I've racked up a few reviews.
I love every single one of them, whether it's just a star rating, or a full-on essay; a 1-star "Kinda like a train wreck that you can’t help but watch." (The Captain's review of The Lost Soul); or a 5-star "why didn't you write my school books.. I could have aced my tests easily." (Merril Anil's review of The Shadow Falls).
(Btw, The Captain's review of The Lost Soul is very kind, logical, and I have huge respect for their feedback)

What I find really amusing are the reactions to certain twists in the story.
As an author, working on your newest project, you always wonder how things will be received. Is your plot too complex? Are your plot twists too obvious? Will it create a reaction in the reader? Or are they not invested enough to care?

I love plot twists in books. Even a mediocre book can be kicked up a gear with a "Oh-crap-I-did-not-see-that-coming" moment.

Take my first book: The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter #1).
In my eyes, there are two major plot twists. From chatting with readers, I think there's a fairly even spread of people who guessed one/both/none.

I'm not gonna share the plot twists here, but I will share a few reactions.

Taken from reviews on Amazon US and Amazon UK

"I especially liked the twist, wasn't what I was expecting at all" Andrea Bell

"I thought it might be a little predictable?" Rose English

"The plot left me guessing at every turn and when Marsden revealed a plot twist ace up her sleeve, my jaw dropped. I was literally staring at the text going, “No way. NO WAY! Did she really just go there?”" Wilmar Luna

"The plot caught my attention immediately, and while at times it's a little predictable, it's massively refreshing to see a return to the dark side for witches." Matthew R. Bell

"once the plot was fully revealed, I found the twists and surprises very entertaining." Tom Fallwell

"Though the initial twists and turns were fairly predictable, there was a particular turn in the story that caught even me by surprise since I was not expecting it and because of that alone I would like to give the author a loud applaud because you made me actually say “ wait what?.... rewind that for me again”." AVIDReader worm

"Great book. Just when you think you know what is going on, they throw in a twist." Janice

"no surprise who the super witch is" Geoff Allright

"And what's a good story without some sort of betrayal? And the betrayal in this one is a doozy. When you figure it out it is literally a "face palm" moment." feedmeinbooks

"The thing that really makes this book worth reading is the twist. I just didn't see it coming at all. I actually stopped reading had a "what!" moment then jumped back in." Zephyr Book Reviews

You guys all make me so happy!

So what are your favourite reviews?
What are your favourite plot twists?

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