Tuesday, 11 July 2017

My Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding

My Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding

by Angie Fox

5 out of 5

Lizzie Brown is about to have the destination wedding her dreams. But as this former preschool teacher knows, being a demon slayer makes everything more complicated. The vengeful Earl of Hell is still on her tail. And now it seems that one of the guests at the eccentric, seaside mansion is possessed and trying to kill her. Maybe she should just elope.

The groom, studly shape-shifting griffin Dimitri Kallinikos, vows to protect her at all costs. Yet even he is acting suspicously. And minions of the devil are popping up everywhere. Now Lizzie must protect her socialite mother, her Greek inlaws and her grandmother’s gang of biker witches – all of whom are convinced they know what’s best for her, and her big day. As the wedding draws closer, Lizzie has to learn who is behind the attacks – and fast – or risk losing everyone she loves.

All Lizzie wants is to marry her griffin fiance in a simple ceremony. But bringing together her society-darling mother, witchy grandma and her biker clan, plus Dimitri's extended Greek family, there's bound to be chaos.

This was the first book I've read by Fox, after downloading the book for free last month.
Yes, I realise it is the middle of the series, but I thought I'd jump in and give it a go.

The story is pretty easy to pick up, and I was soon immersed in the fun of Lizzie and Dimitri's wedding.
After Lizzie hands over the wedding details to her control-freak mother (who coincidentally doesn't know she's a demon slayer, or that witches and griffins exist); and Dimitri's newly-extended family unexpectedly turns up at the venue; everything gets hysterical.
Then there are the coven of harley-riding, swearing, leather-wearing, pensioner witches. Who like to change tea into alcohol, when the mood takes them.

It's already an awesome, and amusing mix, when suddenly not everything is as innocent as it appears. A demon, or demonic force, is intent on ruining Lizzie's wedding, and perhaps more.
Which means Lizzie has to juggle keeping everyone happy, finding out what danger they're in, and getting married to the man she loves.

I really enjoyed this story, it's light-hearted and fun. Being the middle of an established series, the characters all felt really strong.
This was a really nice paranormal mystery.

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