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Fang and Claw

Fang and Claw

by Marguerite 'Markie' Madden

4 out of 5

Over a hundred years in the future, it’s a world where supernatural beings live and work among humans. Of course, the governments of the world have forced them to take the Undead Oath in order to gain citizenship; they must not prey on humans for food. They’re given tasks in jobs suited for their species, but just as among other minorities, they must struggle to prove themselves.

Lieutenant Lacey Anderson of the Dallas Police Department heads up a new elite squad dedicated to solving crimes involving Immortal species like herself. Lacey, a Vampire left for dead hundreds of years ago when her family was slaughtered by Werewolves, still has nightmares about the grievous ordeal.

Detective Colton Scarber is her unwilling partner and second-in-command of the unit. He’s a Werewolf, a descendant of those who killed Lacey’s family. She doesn’t know this, but she still doesn’t trust him from the start. When the fragile beginning of the team is threatened by the truth, can they learn to trust one another as partners must, or will the Undead Unit be doomed to failure?

A mysterious suspect and strange, unknown physical evidence leads them to solve a case spanning decades, and leaves Lacey with no other choice but to rely on her enemy when her very life is in danger!

Lacey has worked for the human police for decades, which makes her the perfect person to head up the new Undead Unit. With her partner, they have to find out if there is a startling link behind several new cases.

I won an ecopy in Rainne's Book Reviews</a> giveaway last month.
This has been on my reading list for ages, and I really enjoyed it.

It's hard to describe this story, as there are so many elements.
Yes, the main characters are a vampire and a werewolf; but this is a really solid detective drama.
It's also set 100 years in the future, with all the scientific improvements. The world is one where undeads are recognised as useful members of society.
Best of all (in my opinion), this does not dissolve into a mushy romance!

The story follows Lacey, a vampire, as she goes about running the Undead Unit in a society where undeads are still treated differently. She also has to come to terms with being foisted with Colton as a partner, a temperamental werewolf.
Despite the fantasy and futuristic elements, the story is very grounded and realistic. There is an everyday feel to it, as Lacey and Colton are... well, doing their day job, and following procedure. There is a sense of logic to how they progress with the mystery, and the steps they have to take, even when the know who the bad guy is. This sometimes came across as a little too procedural, I couldn't decide whether I appreciated all the technical info, or found it a little slow.

As mentioned before, this book doesn't depend on any romantic tropes, which is so refreshing in this genre. There are friendships, and the development of professional relationships, that keep your attention, and help gain sympathy for the characters.

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    1. You're welcome! It was fun, I liked how it stayed true to each genre, and blended well.