Thursday, 28 July 2016

Cover Reveal: The Oracle

Cover Reveal: The Oracle

The second book in the Enchena series is slowly taking shape.
I will admit that I had planned to release it about now, but life rarely goes to plan.

The good news is that the cover has been finalised and I can share it with you, my lovely readers.
This time, everyone's favourite monster, Siabhor, gets to take the spotlight.
Drum roll please...

OK, OK, only kidding.
I spent last year trying to persuade people that #UnicornsRcool in Enchena; I definitely don't want anyone thinking that the monsters are fluffy.
(Also, in case of pernicketiness - mallus don't have tails, I know. The image above is for amusement only)

We had best move swiftly onto the real cover before Siabhor gets insulted; he may be one of the good guys, but the mallus are still very far from tame.

As eagle-eyed readers may have spotted in my post earlier this week: My First Book Fair - The Aftermath, there was a poster on my table with the new cover.
Yes, the lucky people who came to Bradford got the exclusive cover reveal.
I hope you all don't mind coming second. (and if you do mind, tough)

The Oracle will see the return of all your favourite characters from The Lost Soul, plus a few new ones.

Samantha, Jillis and Tobias have to find their place in the new vision of Enchena;
Sundance discovers the truth about his father's death;
And Siabhor comes to terms with going against his nature.

New allies will rise, as the past plays a huge part in the future; and an Oracle must be brought from the safety of Earth, to guide them all.

Check out the cover, and let me know what you think!


  1. Nice! Love the darkness of that cover!

    1. Thank you! I always have to go dark. Maybe one day I'll do something light and fluffy to shock everyone!