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Mike Elliot

Michael J. Elliott is an Australian writer living in the State of Victoria. He has been writing dark
stories since his early schooldays. His Primary school Headmistress once told his mum that "he was going to be a second Alfred Hithcock. Michael majored in Media Studies at both high school and college and wrote and directed short films, video, and radio ads. He also had a previously writtend comedy sketch accepted for an Australian television comedy special. Michael has written three short stories, Dinner For Two, Mr Westacott's Christmas and Sharpshooter (all available on amazon and other e readers) Michael is single and shares his life with his two cats Smokey and Charlie. In his spare time Michael enjoys drawing, Golden Age Hollywood Movies and of course, reading.

In this collection of twelve stories, Michael J. Elliott examines dread in all it's many forms, 
In MOTHER CALLED TODAY a woman becomes increasingly fearful of her demanding mother's incessant phone calls. She has a horrible secret about her mother, something she is too scared to share with anyone. 
In THE LITTLE MAN ON TOP OF THE WARDROBE Four year old James has always been very good about going to bed but recently he's been too scared to go to sleep. There is a little man living on top of his wardrobe and it wants his soul.Of course that's just his overactive childhood imagination....Isn't it? 
In A GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT we visit a future that isn't too hard to imagine. It's a world where the overweight are social pariahs, where a government controls their eating and shopping and failure to loose weight after three attempts results in the obese being sent to a detention camp. Lynda Whittaker has just been sent to one such camp and she's about to learn a horrifying government secret which shows they till have one final use for the overweight. 
Portraits Of Dread contains these chillers and more.

Portraits of Dread will be available from Oct 31st 2015 for the special promo price of 99c (reg 2.99)
Until Nov 14th

Mike was kind enough to answer a few questions.

1) Your short stories cover different sub-genres, while still being horror.  Was this a conscious decision?
No, not really. I usually come up with an idea and it may be set in the future or the middle ages it really depends on the type of horror. For example Dinner For Two is set in a future with no food while Mother Called Today is set in the present because the main horror element is the telephone.

2) Which genre(s) will Portraits of the Dead feature?
Dystopia, supernatural, thriller and a comic horror story.

3) What inspired you to write fiction?
I simply love turning an idea into the written word and seeing a vague concept turn into something which can be read.

4) What do your family and friends think of your being a published author?
They are all very pleased that I’ve discovered my true calling. I get some wonderful support from my fellow indie authors too.

5) As an Indie author, what has been your most valuable tool?
I’d say building a great list of blog help sites from fellow indies and joining in forums to ask questions etc.

6) What is the most important thing you have learnt since publishing?
Not to compare my progress with other authors. I used to worry I didn’t write quickly enough/have enough product etc. Everyone is different, every author has their own process and method of writing. I’ve now settled into my routine and although it needs tweaking every now and then I’m pretty comfortable with how I write and my methods.

7) What has been your favourite feedback/review?
My very first review for Dinner for Two by author Stewart Bint will always remain special to me but I’ve been absolutely blown away by the five star reviews for Mr Westacott’s Christmas and DM Cain’s video reviews are just awesome.

8) And your least favourite?
Someone who thought Dinner For Two was just duh duh dumbh (their words and spelling) I don’t think the reader understood the irony or sarcasm.

9) What do you have in the works?
I’m re-launching Mr Westacott’s Christmas with slightly more detail and a new cover. This is to prepare readers for the prequel, Mr Westacott’s holiday which is a supernatural horror story set in both 1900 and 1970. I’m writing that now.

10) What is your favourite part of the publishing process?
Coming up with the ideas for a cover then seeing how my designer interprets my ideas. I love seeing my story title on there.


  1. Great interview with some interesting facts about the author and his books.


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