Wednesday, 1 July 2015

#IndieBooksBeSeen Character Quiz

Indie Character Quiz!

Have you checked out the #IndieBooksBeSeen movement today?
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There are tons of freebies for the avid reader; interviews with authors; and help for writers ready to make the leap into publishing.

Here at The Northern Witch, we're holding a little quiz - how well do you know Indie books?  Can you guess the characters below?
The only prize is bragging rights - post below to show off how well you did!

Best of all, all photos and drawings are provided by the authors, which gives a lovely insight into how they view their character, and gives a taste of their artistic flair!

Want a closer look at the images. Click below to enlarge!

Q1:   Q2:   Q3:   Q4:

Thanks again to participating authors:
CK Dawn
Jessica Wren
K.S. Marsden
M. Dylan Blair