Quintal's Return

Quintal's Return
The Bounty's Retreat - book 1

Nadine Christian

5 out of 5

A new job, a new love…and someone out for revenge.

Hotelier Kate Quintal and her sister Jen are hired to run a new luxury hotel on Pitcairn Island. Anticipating only the hard work that running the new facility would entail, a burgeoning romance with the burly and handsome Bryce Brown is the last thing she expected. With a new love and the success of the island’s new tourism endeavor, life seems sweet. 

So, why are things suddenly falling apart? Who is trying to sabotage the hotel, and why? Kate finds herself fighting, not only for her job, or her heart…but her life.

The sisters, Kate and Jen Quintal are relocating to their parent's home of Pitcairn Island, where they are running the hotel that will make or break Pitcairn's tourism trade.  The small community of Pitcainers are depending on them to do a good job, and nothing else counts.
Until romance and revenge complicates matters.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading this book - would it be a mystery, with a little romance thrown in, or vice versa.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was both, but also something written lightly, with humour; and still serious where it counts.
The plot itself is not too taxing, its a pleasant story that just leads you along, with no twists or surprises.

The characters were fantastic.  Kate was the serious business woman, that eventually gave in to the fact that there was more to life than getting the hotel up and running.  She's intelligent, fun, and very likeable.  She quickly gains the trust and respect of those around her.
Bryce... well, yeti man is reliable and goes out of his way to help and be professional... and be passionate when it counts.
It is obvious who the bad guy to this plot is from the start, the author never tries to hide their feelings or intentions.  Celia was a fabulous scheming villain, and when she finally makes her move, I found her plots smart, calculating and actually amusing.

But aside from the main characters, the supporting cast were flawless.
Kate's sister Jen is a perfectly witty companion.
We are treated to meeting Bryce's friends, who all welcome the Quintal sisters without question.  Everyone felt real, and fun, and hands up for a whale tooth!
If that wasn't good enough, I was half way through the book when the cast ensemble suddenly swelled with the arrival of the first guests.  In a short space of time, Christian managed to flesh out these new characters and weave them into the story effortlessly.  I think Bobby was my favourite.

But the part I will take away from this book is the love the author has for Pitcairn Island.  On every page, Christian has expressed the beautiful views, given a background to what it is actually like to be on the Island that is more than stats and figures.  And most importantly, she has conveyed a strong sense of community, without for one second letting it become sickeningly sweet.

So yes, I would recommend this book.

And while I wait for the next in this series, I will start saving for a trip to Pitcairn!

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