Nadine Christian Interview

Nadine Christian
Author of:

  • Remember Love
  • Quintal's Return (The Bounty's Retreat #1)
  • Home Again, Home Again (The Bounty's Retreat #2)
Following on from the review of the first in the Bounty's Retreat series: Quintal's Return, Nadine Christian has taken the time to answer a few questions for this blog.

1) First of all, a major factor in your book is the Island itself, was it always your aim to promote Pitcairn in your work?
Well, it started off as a way to introduce my island to readers if I'm honest. I wanted to share what it's like to live here, with a little fictional oomph to mix in to the scenery. I'm glad you found both worked!  Unfortunately Yeti-man is a fictional character darn it all! 

2) What was the inspiration behind the Bounty's Retreat hotel? (ie the economic importance)
We don't have a hotel/motel here. We do homestays for our visitors, and we love it, but wondered what would happen if we did have a hotel here. Not only would it be an economic boon for the island as I said in the book, but it would change the whole face of how we lived!

3) Was there any real-life influence in creating Kate and Bryce? (I agree with Susan - I'm sending my partner for training!)
Oh well -- the men here are built to work, so that's pretty true to life. The women however are no wall-flowers. Kate I think is a bit of me -- I think I'm focused and tend to want to get things done. It gets in the way of seeing the big picture sometimes!

4) You have built a strong, ensemble cast, do you have any favourites among them, and why?
I loved Jack. He was a complete arse. He was fun to write. In that sense, Bobby was even more fun to write when I had him chewing Jack out!

5) Will we see any of these characters in the sequels?
Yes, Kate, Jen, Felix and Bryce are woven through the next two. Home Again, Home Again is the second in the series and that's due out 1st November!

6) As a self-confessed "late bloomer", when did the writing bug kick in?
Forty huminah huminah. After the last kid got out of nappies and I was thinking -- what next! LOL

7) As a writer, what do you need to kick-start your muse?
Oh boy. It could be anything. Something someone says, a dream, looking out the window at the expanse of the South Pacific even!

8) Has your family and community been a support to your writing?
Very much so. They didn't quite understand why I spent so much time in front of the computer at first, but they all clamour to read my next novel now!

9) Which writers have influenced your career?
Stephen King. The KING of horror. Love him. Wish I could write scary like he does. Nora Roberts for her 'lovin!

10) What advice would you give to prospective writers?
Write. Write. Write. It's all crapola until the first draft is done. Editing and re-editing makes it a novel! Join a critique group too --they are worth their weight in gold!


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