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Regina: The Monster Inside

Regina: The Monster Inside

by D.M. Singh

4 out of 5

What if what you were could destroy everything and everyone you loved?

Regina thought she was an average teenager. When strange things start to happen, she discovers that not only does she belong to a hidden world of supernatural beings, but that she is the most powerful and dangerous of them all. Her existence is a death sentence to her - her survival could be a death sentence for us all.
Can Regina fight the darkness within her and hold onto her humanity? Will those who fear her destroy her and those she loves? Or will those who seek her power unleash the monster within.

Join the fight for survival!

Regina has never led a normal life, her parents constantly moving, never settling, no time for friends - but she is happy with that life. Until her 16th birthday draws near and strange things make her question everything she thought she knew.

What a fun start to a new Fantasy series!
There are a lot of changes on the horizon for 15 year old Reggie, she has a teacher that she likes and is finally taking an interest in school; she has a friend for the first time in her life; oh, and she's started floating when she's not paying attention.

I really like how Singh builds the world, and the history of all her supernatural creatures. It is set early on that any child born of a vampire and witch will be a monster, unable to curb the darkness within; and it is interesting to see how everyone reacts to the newest threat.

After the initial shock of learning what she is, and the fact that her parents have lied her entire life about what they are; Reggie bounces back with a desire to learn everything. She develops control, and starts to push herself, testing her limits. It's lovely to watch how she develops.
The supporting characters are all colourful and play their own part. I think my favourite was Imogen - trying to work out where she truly stood, and how truthful her friendship with Reggie was.

It is a fast-paced book, and in parts I felt a little lost, particularly when they went to join the rebels; and how they were found etc.
<<Spoiler>> I was also concerned with how little Regina seemed to care when her father died. I mean, I know he was a vampire and technically dead anyway, and his death was mentioned, but it did feel disconnected. 

Anyways, a new series that I will definitely be continuing with!

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