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#Awethors Takeover - Francene Stanley

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Envisioning the Future

by Francene Stanley

Why do most futuristic novels feature technology and robots taking over? I can't help wondering where all the power comes from after an apocalypse of some sort. People drive around in vehicles, yet there's nobody working in the oil industry to pump gas, let alone distribute it the people passing by. We know how quickly gas stations run out in our time.

My co-written futuristic novels in the Higher Ground series feature people living in Britland who were born a couple of hundred years after the Great Flood. Only oddments of former times remain, mostly underground. My characters try to make sense of some of the artefacts they come across as they walk through the great forest covering the land.

In Seaweed Ribbons, which I wrote alone, Ginny and Raymond are ordinary people who married shortly after they met. Raymond tries to settle in her underground matriarchal society in Saint Eyes, Cornworld. But they'll never accept him.

After they sneak away, Ginny falls down a crevice to escape a band of men and is distraught to discover she's headed to join other young women inside a pleasure-house. When seaweed ribbons she collected flutter in the breeze, Raymond is overjoyed to know she still wants him and sets out to rescue her.

No matter what age we live in, people share the same hopes, dreams, and loves.

Francene Stanley

Francene Stanley found initial inspiration in poetry and songwriting but later turned to writing novels. Like her main characters, she expresses optimism, determination to succeed, and illustrates the principle of positive thinking combined with the trust that things will work out.
Born in South Australia, Francene married young. After her divorce, Francene moved to England, where she worked as a nanny, travelling around the world with the family she worked for. She met her present husband in London, worked in the catering business for 12 years, and travelled extensively.

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