Reign of the White Phoenix

Reign of the White Phoenix

by Jessica Cage

4 out of 5

The Ancients foretold of the one with the white flame. She would change the world.

Hidden since birth from her own people, Elsfaer was born with a distinct marking that covered her entire body. Before she could walk, she was seen as a threat to their existence. But there were those who believed that she should be protected at all costs.

With the call for a new Elite, the High Spirit chose Elsfaer as the next to lead the Phoenix people. The very people she’d been told to fear all her life. But unlike the rest of her people who burned either a blue or red flame, Elsfaer’s fire was the hottest of whites.

Her white flame was a sign of change, of a new order for her people. Unfortunately, Phoenixes weren’t exactly open to change, but Elsfaer knows something they don’t. The balance of the Phoenix has been thrown off and if she doesn’t fix it, their flames will burn out for the last time.

Reign of the White Phoenix is a part of the Rise of the Elites Shared World Collection

Collection includes titles by:
USA Today Bestselling Author, Jessica Cage
Delizhia Jenkins
USA Today Bestselling Author, Jennifer Laslie
USA Today Bestselling Author, Mikel Wilson
E. M. Lacey
Kish Knight
USA Today Bestselling Author, K. R. Fajardo

Seven Elites will Fall. Seven will Rise.
Find out if they survive. 

Elsfaer has been raised in an isolated monastery, impatient for the time when she will mature and get her phoenix wings. But all her plans for freedom and traveling the world are put on hold when a secret destiny is revealed. Reign of the White Phoenix by Jessica Cage is part of the Rise of the Elites series – seven books by seven authors, all set in Penumbra and various locations on Earth. The High Spirit has decided that things are out of balance, and seven Elites (leaders of various factions) must fall, and seven new leaders will rise. Elsfaer has no idea about any of this, but she has to get over her anger at being lied to all her life if she is going to prove to her people and herself that she is a true leader.

Reign of the White Phoenix is the first book I’ve read by Jessica Cage. I loved the setting, starting off in a monastery on Earth, then following Elsfaer through the portal into Penumbra. You get to learn about the phoenix people through her eyes – how they have divided themselves into clans, becoming increasingly weaker. More and more phoenixes are being born without wings, and only Elsfaer can unite them again. I personally thought the plot relied a bit too heavily on people keeping secrets from Elsfaer, but it is still a really fun adventure. I loved the worlds and the divisions of the phoenix people. I also really liked the level of romance in this book. Once Elsfaer meets someone special, it never overwhelms the main narrative, which was great!


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