Cover reveal: Summer Sin

As you may have noticed, things have been looking rather bright on my social media lately.

I'm excited to announce that the 4th entry in the Northern Witch series is taking shape as a real book.
This is my 11th book release, and I still get giddy!

Summer Sin (Northern Witch #4)

As an eventful school year draws to a close, Mark has to face his greatest challenge yet.

Witches, demons and spells have quickly become the norm for Mark, but he will find that magic can't solve all of his problems.
With everyone relying on him, will Mark be able to save the day?
Or will the price of being a hero be too high? 


I know that I'm biased, but that cover is gorgeous.
It was created by the incredibly talented Lily Dormishev.
You can find more of her work here:

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Summer Sin is now available at the special pre-order price of 99p, and will be released on 1st May!

Author Bio

Kelly S. Marsden grew up in Yorkshire, and there were two constants in her life - books and horses.
Graduating with an equine degree from Aberystwyth University, she has spent most of her life since trying to experience everything the horse world has to offer. She is currently settled into a Nutritionist role for a horse feed company in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.
She writes Fantasy stories part-time. Her first book, The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter #1), was published in January 2013, and she now has several successful series under her belt.


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