Monday, 13 August 2018

A Bitter Winter

A Bitter Winter

by Wilmar Luna

5 out of 5

“She stretched out her hand and touched SIRCA’s waist which felt as it looked, smooth and solid. When she removed her hand, a trail of stringy mucus-like fibers dangled from her palm like glue—How is this a suit?”

On a cold winter night in New York City, former NYPD officer Cindy Ames snuck into a top-secret lab and stole a dangerous technology. With this device, she physically transformed herself into an unstoppable superhuman.

Tortured by guilt over her partner’s murder, Cindy swore to use her new weapon to bring justice to the killer who ruined her life. But when the deaths of innocent people plague Manhattan, all evidence points to her.

Has Cindy's quest for revenge gone too far?

The truth she discovers about herself may be more than she bargained for. Super powers can save a city but BREAK a hero.

A Bitter Winter is book 1 of The Silver Ninja series.

An ex-cop who can't get a break, Cindy is almost killed in the line of duty. Fate brings her to connect with a high-tech suit, and a weapon to fight back against the real villains.

I received a free copy of the paperback, after being a beta for this project.

First of all - this book is awesome.

Second - my opinion is highly likely to be biased. After a critical review of Luna's debut, I was brought on board as part of his beta team, which means I have been spending the last five years being very open about everything I thought was wrong with various drafts of this project.

Third - I am going to be equally open, and confirm this finished book is awesome.

This is a new superhero story, following Cindy Ames as she becomes the Silver Ninja.
After Cindy's partner (and the son of her boss) is killed, while they are on duty together; Cindy has been struggling to find her way in life. She has her husband, and a couple of jobs to keep a roof over their heads, but everything is perfunctory. The only thing she feels passionate about is hunting down the man who murdered her partner.
Her plans don't go smoothly, and she nearly dies, only being saved by some experimental project.

This is such a fun origin story, as Cindy fights for revenge, and is inevitably led to the suit.
It's great to read a book with such a strong female character, and her (sometimes-)supporting friends and family.
Cindy has to adapt, has to fight for the survival of those she loves. It's interesting to see how far she is willing to go, and what lines she will cross.

Luna has always done awesome action scenes, and this book weaves together some really great ones.  What can I say, it's so much fun to follow her as she swings through the cityscape on a grappling hook, and kicking the shit out of the bad guys.

This book lays the foundations for a great series, with the promise of more Silver Ninja, and an enemy in the shadows.

I highly recommend checking this one out!


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