Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Book Spotlight: Henry


Author: Andrea Bell
Genre: Children's Fantasy

((Yes, a Children's book, lovely readers. I know, it's very out of character for this blog, and for me to feature a children's book, because children are horrible; but please check this out.
I was lucky enough to beta-read this, and it is a fun adventure.))

Henry's an average ten year old boy, or so he thinks!

Spending his summer annoying his sister Jorja and playing football with his friend Jim. His adventures begin when he is tracked down by a Rayner called Ipxil, a friendly alien from planet Tepris who needs his help in the battle to save their world.

Here, he meets new friends and encounters dangers he never knew existed.

Their new friendships are tested as they join together to defeat the evil, threatening to destroy this peaceful planet.

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Author Bio
Living in North Yorkshire, Andrea Bell spends her time writing, looking after her two children, three dogs, six cats and two chickens and helping her husband with their business. A chance comment by her son set her on the path to becoming an author and her debut Novel "Henry" being published. Andrea is currently writing her sequel with the expected release in  2018.

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