The Hunter and Little Fox

The Hunter and Little Fox

by Chevoque

5 out of 5

No animals were harmed as the cover and title might indicate. MMA fighting is only going to become much hotter! Yes, we are talking about fighter names...Little Fox is the sister of the fighter, Sly Fox and The Hunter is his biggest rival.

With a suite mix-up at one of the biggest MMA fighting tournaments, Trevor 'The Hunter' Dale, finds a distraction in his room, in the form of Maya 'Little Fox' Bischoff. The situation pushes both into a world of revelations and soon it is clear that the attraction needs to be avoided. Trevor though, decides it is time for a change and Maya's reluctance toward him, only makes it more fun.

When Maya does give in, her brother, Charlie, is all too pleased and suspicions grow as the media goes on a frenzy, in digging out the skeletons. In the short period of the tournament, Trevor realises, very quickly, that Maya is definitely what he needs in his future, but as with any bout, the end is never a definite one without someone being knocked out.

Maya Bischoff has spent the last few years supporting her brother, and travelling with him as he seeks to make a name for himself in the world of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).  She tries to ignore the bad press that hovers around her, and put her less-than-perfect history behind her.  But her loyalty is put to the test when she finds everything she never wanted in her brother's main opponent Trevor Dale.

This is the second of Chevoque's books I have read.  The first was Acquiesce (Sparks & Sparrow #1) back in February.  It was alright, and I really like her writing style; but overall the plot left me feeling frustrated.

I am so frickin' glad that the writer offered me a review copy of her new book.  I can't remember the last time I finished a book and wanted to do cartwheels it was so good!

Maya "Little Fox" and her brother Charlie are from a rough area of South Africa.  It had defined most of her life and her expectations, she knows that her own survival and escape is thanks to Charlie's career as a professional fighter; and for that she owes him.  She's had to develop a tough exterior, and she knows that hope is something too dangerous to have; but she still manages to have a good heart and good moral compass.

Her brother Charlie "Sly Fox" is... a piece of work who deserves his name and more.  On the opening night of the tournament he "accidentally" gives his sister the wrong hotel room key; willing to use her to distract his main opponent.  You slowly find out just how devious he is, but Maya lets most of it slide, believing that her everything will turn out alright, and convinced she owes him to stick it out.
Trevor "The Hunter" Dale is a relative gentleman in the world of MMA.  He's a champion because he is the best fighter, and he wins by fighting the best.  He's built up quite the fanbase, and is well-liked in the fighting community for the respect he gives others.  He's not looking for any sort of commitment or relationship, until he meets Maya.

The characters are all fantastic, and the background and plot are great too.  Throughout the entire book you feel very connected and invested with the MMA surroundings, the fights and the community involved.

Maya's history and tainted view on life feel very real, and it hits that fine balance between getting the point across and not overplaying it.

I would definitely recommend reading this, people!

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