The Northern Witch's Best & Worst books

The Northern Witch's Best & Worst books

Time for a little update.  As those of you who are familiar with my blog knows, I have a list of Past Reviews.  It lists every single review I have posted, along with their score out of 5.
The list is alphabetical by author, and the links are highlighted either gold, silver or bronze, depending on how I rated them.

Ok, not rocket science, but I was chatting with friends about my actual favourites, what would be my top ten?!
So of course, instead of writing and editing, it niggled away until I had to make a new page, my own list of Best & Worst books.
But top ten?  That seemed too limiting, so for the moment, I'm treating you to the Top 20.

So I have a pretty banner that my Top 20 indie authors can pinch for their websites/blogs.
I will be updating this page every couple of months.  Or every six months if no one is capable of breaking into the ranks of my all-time favourites!


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