Thursday, 25 December 2014

Indie Booktubers

Ok, so earlier this year Mark Shaw, the creator of #IndieBooksBeSeen, approached a bunch of booktubers, to see if they would be interested in reading work from Indie authors.
There was a fantastic reaction - a lot of these people that post their book reviews on YouTube had never considered picking up something that didn't come from a traditional publishing house.  Some didn't realise that indie books existed.

It seemed like every week there was a new booktuber uploading their video of an indie book haul or review.  All I can say to those people is thank you so much, thank you for taking the time and effort, for the feedback and support.

But one certain booktuber went one step further.  Not only has she set up an Indie Book Club on Goodreads, but she has also spent the whole of December promoting a different book each and every day.

Personally, I think that awesome effort deserves to be shared, and I hope you'll pass this on to other writers and readers.
Please, please go check her out by jumping straight to her YouTube profile: ABibliophilesJourney

Otherwise, sit tight and let's go through all 24 videos!! (Don't miss a certain Shadow Rises on day 10)

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