Thursday, 24 March 2016

Slave of Rome: Timeslip

Slave of Rome: Episode 1: Timeslip

by Aiden Darke

4 out of 5

Julia is an ancient historian. After she discovers an ancient statue of a slave girl, she is transported back to Ancient Rome. Here she finds she is the slave of Marcellus, the strict but fair senator. However, when he is not around, she finds herself at the mercy of his jealous wife Luculla. Can Julia survive in this unfamiliar world? Slave of Rome: Timeslip is episode 1 of the Slave of Rome series, while will build up in time into a full length novel.
This is suitable for 18+ only and contains mature themes including BDSM.

Julia is a historian with a passion for Ancient Rome. One moment she is a modern, professional woman; the next she is the newest slave and property of Marcellus. Whether it is a twisted dream, or reality, Julia has to learn to obey quickly to survive.

This is the first, brief episode in a new series by Darke. Emphasis on the brief. Look at the page count, people, to help you judge it.

This was a fun little chapter introducing Julia, and the situation she finds herself in. You are given enough hints as to where this series is going to go; just enough conflict to entice you further; and a taster of the sexual encounters to come.
I find it quiet impressive that it all fit into just 20 pages.

I also thought the writing was very good for Erotica. The characters are yet to be built upon, but the attention to detail and research into the era was better than some full-length novels.

A series I will definitely be continuing with.

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