Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Oath Breaker

Oath Breaker

by Erin S. Riley

5 out of 5

The exciting conclusion of the Sons of Odin trilogy:

Sometimes the right man has been there all along…

Selia has fled Norway and her Viking berserker husband to protect her children from his rages. His brother Ulfrik, having long loved Selia from afar, offers his protection. As Selia uncovers the man he is, love blossoms in her heart where there was only emptiness. But will their newfound love survive when Alrik returns to claim what is his?

Selia has escaped her berserker husband Alrik, and is ready to start a new life in Ireland.  But she can't ignore the darkness that threatens.

This is the third part of the trilogy, and it doesn't disappoint.
I loved the first two books, and you can check out my reviews of Odin's Shadow and A Flame Put Out.
I've been looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.  The previous books pulled you along Selia's story as she follows her heart to Norway; and her marriage to Alrik that starts with all the best intentions, but after several years and two sons, it begins to crumble.  At the end of A Flame Put Out, Selia has successfully escaped her life with the increasingly-violent Alrik, and has brought her family to Ireland.

I really enjoyed this instalment.  Like the others, it is so easy to immerse yourself in the well-rounded world; it feels so real, like it could be part of the history books (but much more interesting).
I would say that the other two books were a little darker, facing the reality of anger problems, family betrayals; the threat of rape and the down-trodden role of women.  This third part is when Selia gets her happy ever after: well, after she learns what it is to be happy after everything she has been through.

The whole host of characters throughout the series have been fantastic, with their intertwining histories and family relations.
I think one of my favourite has been Ingrid, a stubborn and independent young woman, who is constrained by the rules and expectations of the time.  She is willing to defy her father and many other powerful men to find Annileas, the only man she has loved.  I really liked reading about the their relationship, the reality with its ups and downs, and I liked where they were at the end of the book - anything else would have been too cute.

Selia's two sons start to spend more time with their 'Uncle' Ulfrick and it's lovely to watch how that develops over time.  Ulfrik has something to offer both of them, and becomes the father-figure that both boys crave, after Alrik tried to forge them with violence.

I would definitely recommend checking this series out, and I'm looking forward to Riley's future work.

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