Sunday, 21 December 2014

Hell Beckons

Hell Beckons

by Richard L. Becker

3 out of 5

A beautiful witch and a serial killer fight The War On Terror for the President of the United States.

Do the ends justify the means? You decide as Sandy and Johnny battle our enemies on the streets of American cities and in a war-torn Middle East nation, in a cascade of violence, sex, lust and revenge.

Becker brings us a story of murder and intrigue, involving the White House, secret societies that employ the supernatural, and a fight against terrorism.  It's dark and sexy, and embraces a bigger world than you can imagine.

The story does draw you along, keeping you guessing about hidden motives and threats.  The characters are all firm and realistic.  But the main appeal to this book was the world that Becker has created.  The Hidden Realm and the Ravagers, the society of witches and just how much Sandy is capable of.

To be very honest, the story feels like it should be a tv series, rather than stuck between the pages of a book.

To begin with, it jumped from character to character, sometimes without any clues to whose head you are actually sitting in.  Very confusing really.  Which likely comes from Becker knowing his characters and world very well, and forgetting to introduce them to new readers.
It also jumps from memories to present, to thoughts, to illusions.  I felt very lost at the changes of scene and situation, which made some of the scenes lose their effectiveness.

It gets better as it goes on, and the second half is stronger than the first.

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