Friday, 8 August 2014

The Silver Ninja: Indoctrination

The Silver Ninja: Indoctrination

by Wilmar Luna

5 out of 5

After saving New York City from a terrorist uprising, Cindy Ames vows to put away the nanosuit that turns her into the Silver Ninja for good. But when a CIA agent uncovers her identity and allies with a pharmaceutical company to take her down. Cindy must team up with her sister, Jadie, and her husband, Jonas, to outrun the government and thwart a plot to turn average citizens into mind-controlled soldiers.

The Silver Ninja is back for the second instalment.
Cindy had plenty to worry about - a husband that ignores her, and a sister fighting her own demons.  Oh yes, and she's being chased by the CIA and has to hide her identity as the Silver Ninja.

Yes, come on!
you have no idea how excited I've been about reading this.  And why shouldn't I be?

The first book was one big adventure; lots of promise, but plenty of room for improvement.
(See review of The Silver Ninja)
My major problem was with Cindy herself, and I am so relieved to say that she is much easier to get on with in this book.  In fact, everything works better.

To be honest, I was lucky enough that Luna asked me to beta read his work - I thought that was an improvement - this finished piece is miles beyond!
It has kept the same sense of adventure; of not being afraid to dream big.  But the characters are all better thought out, the writing is smoother and more accessible (let's be honest, the constant metaphors of the first book were cringeworthy).  All of this makes the story thrilling and it does something special - it shows Luna's sense of humour, as I was chuckling through so many sections.  Especially the British slang confusion.
Oh, and I can't resist mentioning the chocolate banana.  Come on the chocolate banana!  I love an inside joke.

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