Thursday, 9 March 2017

Birthday Bash

Welcome lovely readers, it's that time of year again - it's time for my Birthday Bash!

I'll be blowing out the candles later and wishing for a car that consistently works; a horse that doesn't act a prat at embarrassing moments; and to suddenly realise all the plot twists in my WIP!

A little more realistically, I would love for you to stop by an ebook retailer and download one of my books. (Come on, some of them are free)

This will be the central thread today, to keep track of what's on offer.

Which Series Should I Read?
How Well Do You Know The Shadow Rises (Easy)?
How Well Do You Know The Witch-Hunter Trilogy (Hard)?
Which Witch-Hunter Character are you?
How Well Do You Know The Lost Soul (Easy)?
How Well Do You Know The Enchena Series (Hard)?
Which Enchenian Character are you?

A part in the next Witch-Hunter adventure.
That's right, two people will have the chance to be a good guy & bad guy in the new Witch-Hunter prequel, that will be released later this year!
Click here to find out more & sign up!

Also - this year I will be offering you the chance to win a signed paperback copy of the BOOK OF YOUR CHOICE.
That's right, lovely readers - is there one of my books you haven't read yet; or love and want a signed copy of?
Enter the rafflecopter below (open internationally).
Entries will close midnight (GMT) Monday 13th March.


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