Friday, 3 February 2017

Demon Magic

Demon Magic

by Linsey Hall

4 out of 5

Del Bellator’s simple life of treasure hunting and demon slaying ended the moment she learned she was a Guardian between the Underworld and Earth. The only problem? She has no idea what that means and no control over the magic that could help her. Sure, she can turn into a Phantom and walk through walls, but in a world where demons can throw fireballs or strike her down with lightning, she needs control of some bigger magical weapons.

To make matters worse, demons are now drawn to her like flies to honey. She’s a walking, talking demon magnet. To save her own life, she must master her powers. That means embarking on a treasure hunt unlike any she’s ever conducted. Fortunately, she has the help of Were-demon and Warden of the Underworld, Roarke Fallon, along with her FireSoul sisters, Cass and Nix. As the clock ticks down, she can only hope it will be enough.

Demon Magic features kick butt heroines, a powerful hero, and otherworldly adventure.

Del has secured her freedom from the underworld, and stopped the poison that was turning her into an ubilaz demon; but her problems are only just starting.

I received a free copy in return for an honest review.
I enjoyed this second adventure following Del. The first Seeker book concentrated on her getting free from the underworld, whilst coming to terms with her growing attachment to the handsome warden, Roarke. Now, she has to save herself before her new powers overwhelm her and her friends; and in doing so starts to chip away at the mystery that is her past.

The demon-magnet thing was a cool twist, that really helped to add pressure to the treasure hunt, and gave the constant demon attacks that happen in the Dragon Gift series a fresh approach.

As fragments of Del's past start to come through, there are hints that her family life wasn't quite as caring and nurturing as Cass'. And the more that is discovered, the more questions arise. About what she is capable of, what is blocking her; and ultimately what would happen if she died again?

I really enjoyed the expanding of the world we know so far, visiting Cambridge etc. Finding more supernaturals that might not spurn the sisters for their powers.

The Seeker books aren't as carefree and fun as the initial Huntress books, but I guess that's more fitting with Del and her death-related powers. I still didn't feel that Del and Roarke were very distinct from Cass and Aidan, but it was an entertaining adventure all the same.

Speaking of the sisters, definitely Nix's turn next?
That made me chuckle when Nix pretty much stated the same thing in the story. She deserves a rich, good-looking romantic interest, and to find out her past.
I do worry that it'll be along the same lines as Del and Cass' books. You know what I'd really like - it would be awesome to break the mould with making Nix's significant other to be another woman, it would definitely give this series some fresh, new ground to cover. Just a thought.

Anyways, I'm still enjoying this series, and look forward to the next book!

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