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Border Lines

Border Lines

by L.E. Fitzpatrick

5 out of 5

When the perfect job comes up, Charlie doesn't think twice about taking it. This is the break he's been looking for and nobody, not even the rest of his team, can persuade him otherwise.

The job means working for an old enemy and crossing the border into London. Both are risky, but Charlie has no idea how high the stakes really are. The team will have to confront their past, each other and a killer who is closer than they realize. But can they all make it out of the city alive?

"We all remember that kid in Piccadilly. That determined look he had on his face as he willed all those people to him. Just using his mind, he pulled them close then blew them all to pieces. It could be anyone. Your neighbour, your friend, your lover. Remain vigilant. Reachers are everywhere."

Border Lines is the second book in L.E. Fitzpatrick's Reachers series.

Life goes on in S'aven, with murders, heists and constant danger.
The Smith brothers and Rachel, return to earn money on a new, challenging job; while dodging old and new enemies.

I received a free copy in return for an honest review.
We return to the Reacher's story several months after the end of The Running Game. The Smith brothers and Rachel have been constantly moving, to keep ahead of the game, and making their team more solid.
Their return to S'aven spells trouble, as the fear of Reachers is as high as ever, and people haven't forgotten that they killed Pinky Morris.

I really enjoyed this. There are several threads that were established in the first book, and you get to follow what Roxy, Riva and Mark are all up to. 
I was really glad that Riva was back, I liked her in the first book, and you got hints of how awesome she could be, if she wasn't hindered by here husband, Pinky. Now she's stepped up to be the queen of S'aven.
I felt so sorry for Mark, one of the few honest cops that S'aven had, and he's been branded a cop-killer and sent to hard labour for life! It didn't cross my mind what would happen to the sweet but stupid Mark, after the end of the last book. I found it really interesting where his story took him, as he lines up to potentially be a great ally, or a thorn in the side of the Reachers for the rest of the series.

We get to see London for the first time, which really exaggerates the rich/poor divide. The rich continue to live, with an ignorance and disdain of the poor who work to provide their food, etc.
When Rachel enters the hospital, it provides a perfect example of how the corrupt country provides an excess of resources to the rich, that are in control; and doesn't care about the struggling over-loaded hospital only a few miles away, on the other side of the wall.

The Crime plot is fantastic, and always kept me guessing. The different threads all came together in a way I didn't expect. Fitzpatrick runs an array of suspects in front of you, each looking increasingly guilty, before snapping away.

I would definitely recommend this, and I can't wait for the next part of the series!

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