Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Equinox

The Equinox

by K.K. Allen

5 out of 5

Katrina Summer finally comes to terms with her enchanted skin as she is challenged with an evil that threatens the Solstice settlement of Apollo Beach...

At a private gathering on Summer Island Kat meets an entire secret society of Enchanters – and other mythological descendants of a different breed. The gorgeous Valli sisters appear forcing Kat to take a deeper look into her new existence. And when Arabella, the youngest of the sisters, befriends Kat, she learns the most disturbing Summer family secret of all.

To escape the lurking dangers of the Equinox, which brings outrage and heartbreak to the entire town, Kat accepts a job at the Island Grille where more trouble brews as her handsome, yet brooding co-worker, Johnny, makes life even more challenging. Meanwhile, Kat struggles between her lingering and undeniable attraction for Alec, the secrets that she is forced to keep from him, and a betrayal that sends them on separate paths.

Mysterious deaths, signs of pollution rising in the Bay, and discoveries of the Equinox's motives stir up an entirely new and frightening adventure as Kat finally discovers that being an Enchanter holds a responsibility worth killing for...

Kat is embracing her new life, learning everything she can from her grandmother Rose, so she can finally feel like she belongs.  Boy-related stress, secrets and a dangerous power that seems to be stalking her, all add up to make an interesting summer.

This is the second part of Allen's Summer Solstice series.  I read the first part last year (click here for review) and found it a fun summer read.  It had magic, new friends, a touch of romance; all that was missing was a bit of clout.  Luckily, I've found buckets of the stuff in the sequel!

I enjoyed following Kat, as she starts to feel like a resident of Summer Island, instead of just a visitor.
She spends her time learning about her magic, and being inducted into the Enchanter community; which is an interesting contrast against her efforts to find and hold a part-time job.

The Equinox is the big bad, they are almost the shadow-versions of the Enchanters.  They have power, they have lives and families; but they covet the light and powers of the Enchanters and are driven to violence by their ruler.
The Enchanters know that an attack is imminent, and anyone could be the enemy in disguise.  I loved how this coincides with several new characters being brought in; and several old characters suddenly changing their attitude.  Each person is considered a suspect and you are kept guessing until the very end about where the danger lies.

You also finally find out some secrets that Rose has been keeping from Kat (and that fate has been keeping from everyone!), which is enough to satisfy.  But this leads to a hundred new questions, which in hope will be answered in The Descendants.

I enjoyed the whole cast of characters in this.  There's an importance placed on family and community, which is echoed in how fleshed-out the "minor" characters are.

All-in-all, a good read and I can't wait to get the next part of the series!

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