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Awethology Dark

Awethology Dark

by Various

4 out of 5

Because one voice in your head isn't enough, here are so many more, as the Awethors chime together with our vast collection of stories and poetry to make you laugh, make you cry and make you feel alive. We are the Awethors and these are our words to you.

A collection of short stories from the Awethors.  These range from romance, to horror; fantasy to thriller.
This is partnered with Awethology Light - with this volume being suitable for over 18's (i.e. language, sex & violence).  That being said, most of the stories in this volume are very mild, with only one or two that might be considered "dark".  So it's fairly safe for all to read.

The short stories vary in length, from a few hundred words to about ten thousand for the longest pieces.  I found it quite pleasant to read it during my dinner break, knowing that I could usually finish one piece in an hour.
If your mind works like mine (you poor sod), I'd recommend reading it in instalments, rather than attacking it all at once.  As the stories have no common themes or links, I found it easier to digest them individually.

I think there's something to appeal to every reader in this collection, and of course there will be stories that appeal to you more than others, it's all to do with personal preference.

My top 5 were (in published order):

Down With Awethors - Joe Compton (note: may go over the heads of anyone not familiar with Awethors publications)
The Lost Shepherd - LE Fitzpatrick
April Showers - Elizabeth Horton-Newton
One Night Stand - L.A. Remenicky
Winter Palace - Travis West

So, go check out this collection (and the Awethology Light), as both volumes are permanently free.

Goodreads link

Now, I know that I normally stop there, but I thought that:
a) this is my blog and I can do what I want;
b) all those writers put in so much effort, I'd give five-words-or-less on every story.

This is going to be awesome, or a shocking mess.  *cracks knuckles*

Bint, Stuart - Twitter Bully - crazy crowd-pleaser.
Brazil, Dawn - Share the Pain - wonderfully weird.
Cain, DM - The End - interesting insight into madness.
Compton, Joe - Down With Awethors - Hahahahaa, awesome.
Connors, JAckie - Waiting for the Twelth - hope and pain.
Elliott, Michael J. - Pennies from Heaven - suitably creepy.
Elliott, Patrick - The Think Drug - weird modern conspiracy.
Fitzpatrick, LE - The Last Shepherd - intro to series, must read.
Fletcher, Patty L. - Rescued - brief insight.
Greene, Brook - - one night stand.
Greensides, Jason - Even Silence has an Echo - hope in the darkest time.
Harris, Pam Elise - Coming Home - was not expecting that!
Horton-Newton, Elizabeth - April Showers - wow, good finish.
Mapstone, Deidre - You're History - love story.
Moon, Chrissy - Mabel's Promotion - ghosts and murder.
Mossman, Karen J. - Down by the River - small-town murders.
Nash, Brian - A Heart of Ice - poetic rescue.
Pilgrim, Myk - Dave - Death as a dude.
Remenicky, L.A. - One Night Stand - Cinderella with business.
Rochford, Rocky - Ghosts - involved.
Sayge, A.L. - Double Jeopardy - short and funny.
Stern, Michael R. - Conversations with the Devil - musing writer.
Christie Stratos - Self Portrait - visual of blocked muse.
Taylor, JB - Majicka - dungeons & dragons.
West, Travis - Winter Palace - society's cannibals.

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